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7 Years on... Flame still burning!

So, here's the secret!

Been married 7 years now... have children and gone through a lot in our married life together... as we all do! 

But all my friends, family, in laws all ask... GOSH you two are always so glued together... LOL 

Now although that really sounds like they're sick of it.. after the little jokes, they all say, mashaAllah you two still have the flame burning! How? 

I've seen couples who just get into the notion that after honeymoon period is over it's just all about the kids and daily chores and life... I refuse to believe that! 

When I agreed to be his wife... that meant my marriage was going to be full of love and laughter till eternity.. and maybe a part of me was a mission to maintain that. 

Yes that meant along the way, I have given up time to be with friends going out, instead opting for a night in with my husband...and believe me it worked both ways. 

There are compromises and sacrifices made, to make sure we spent more time together than with anyone else. 

I have heard women say you get to a point where you run out of things to even talk about! 

So what is the main secret??? How do we manage to talk non stop? 


Alhamdulillah my husband taught me to never settle for anything than the always strive to be better. 
We always sit and set goals that we want to achieve and dream big... That motivation and drive gives us the passion to always want to be together and achieve more. 

Using our intellect, passion and support from each other we always set new things we want to do... this has built more excitement in our life. Be it aiming to buy a house.. starting a new class .. beginning in2mate nights! 

We've never settled with 'that's it now" 
It's not all serious talk... the jokes and laughs about every goal is always there! Only way to stay sane is to laugh together! 

Allah has given us knowledge to excel ourselves and make the world a better place... who else best to do that with than your partner that Allah chose for you? ... And we created you in pairs! 

With all the drive and ambition... our constant communication with eachother FACE TO FACE...( not half busy on social media / watsapp!) it is the foundation of the in2macy in our marriage. 

Because we have that talking, that smile and laughs, that in2macy throughout the day... our in2mate time together is much more meaningful. 

So, why do some women think they no longer need sexy lingerie? It's definitely not because they are too old for sex! Every couple has their in2mate moment - but has that moment become more like a need we have like for food? Or because its that intense moment of passion... (the so called honeymoon phase?) 

Without that strong intimacy throughout the day, the communication, the bond, the friendship - the sex is just a need. 

Try spice things up today... In2mate Nights wants to make sure you have that unforgettable night.. surprise him with those luxury lingerie... Use the tips and advice from our In depth E-Book. 

From that unforgettable moment... let it lead to in2macy throughout the day... everyday! 

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