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A Husbands True Treasure

Many of our loved ones have left for Hajj - May Allah accept their hajj and their duas. May Allah give us all tawfeeq to make hajj as well AMEEN. 

In a recent Instagram post I shared a video of an Indonesian Hajj group who had arrived at Madina Sharif Airport.  SubhanAllah it gave me chills! 

Within that a lovely sister, mariamahmed01 made a beautiful comment which I was unaware of.. 

The Indonesian groups are amazing. The men make a circle around their women and protect them whilst doing tawaaf together. They don't let anyone push in or touch their ladies. 

I searched high and low for a video to just see this - it really got me thinking how precious a wife is to a husband. 

You want to know about intimacy? - THIS IS IT! 

Islam shows us the true dignity of a woman - her true beauty, her love, her uniqueness - only for the one that truly deserves it and respects it. HER HUSBAND. 

A husband who truly respects his treasure that Allah has gifted to him, knows that this precious gem needs to be looked after, this precious gem needs to be loved, this precious gem does not want to be damaged by other men in any way. 

This is the beauty of Islam. Where else can you find this value of marriage? This simple understanding of protecting your most loved one - your treasure. 

So when people who do not understand this concept of 'covering up' the big deal with 'no nudity' - they fail to understand the precious love found in marriage. They fail to understand that a husband and only a husband has that right to view his wife in her true beauty in every form. They fail to understand how a woman becomes her husbands EVERYTHING, his EVERY desire because what SHE has, only HE knows.. that precious understanding and love is a TREASURE that the ignorant can not understand. 

My advice to you husbands out there - MashaAllah - continue to protect that treasure of yours - for truly Allah has picked her specially for you. 

And my beautiful sisters - Be PROUD that you have a husband who will protect you like this - who may get a little jealous from time to time if you're looking TOO stunning at that party ( it happens!) but be PROUD of that husband who lowers his gaze at all the fitnah around him and comes to YOU and appreciates the EFFORT you make JUST FOR HIS EYES ONLY! 

Spoil him TODAY... we all know our husbands really deserve it! 

And he created you in pairs... 

In2mate Nights

PS. If anyone has a video of the Indonesian men protecting their women during Tawaaf PLEASE forward to me.. Just hearing about it brought a tear to my eye! 

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