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EYES on ME.. please!

EYES ON ME.. please.. 


It has been a while I know! But if you have been following me on Instagram then you know how manic crazy busy I have been! 

But.. ALHAMDULILLAH for everything as always! 

So, a VLOG was meant to be out.. but thought why not start with a BLOG on the topic that has been pestering me for a while now.. inshaAllah I will go into more detail in the vlog.. 

As more and more people have been checking out In2mate Nights and interacting with me more.. one common comment that always crops us is this.. "Well I am kind of past all this!" 
Okaaay.. I did a Blog post on this briefly but I think it needs MORE! 

This idea does need to STOP! To put it very bluntyly.. if YOU do not dress up for YOUR husband then SOMEONE ELSE WILL!

and SCARILY, if you just flick through YOUR OWN instagram, facebook, TV channels.. you, yourself will see IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING!

No matter how pious he is.. this dunya with all its fitnah will TEST TEST and TEST his DESIRES! And you want his eyes on YOU!

I mentioned in my Ebook as well how to create that in2macy from the moment he walks in and why it's important.

If he walks in from work, after seeing all he has.. subliminally it is all in his head. He enters and sees his wife dressed like.. well like she's just chucked on anything in the dark!
What kind of mood does that put him in? 

You dont need to greet him in your sexy lingerie just yet (unless you really want to!) but FIX UP and get that good mood going. 

Is it important to look good for your spouse? Dwell on this... The Prophet (PBUH) would always stay clean and well presented when coming home to his wife. 
It is highly encouraged to look your best for your spouse. 

I know how the trend is to spend hours now.. baking, contouring and really highlighting that face for... wait for it... that BIG event with friends! Only to then come home and get into 'grannyfied PJs' and 'comfy underwear' .. like what? 

So when you start to feel like your in2mate life is becoming more like a 'chore' or a timetabled routined task that needs to be done.. do NOT for one second think.. well that's just expected now.. cos unfortunately it will come to a point where the pious husband who is trying SO hard.. gets FED UP! 

FED UP = Frustration + anger + haram (through Porn or the thoughts of the women he sees plastered EVERYWHERE) + Ultimately unhappiness in an empty shell marriage. 

I can not keep stressing this enough.. and I will defo be talking about it in MUCH MUCH more detail in my VLOG inshaAllah. 

But get this brief blog thinking.. ticking in your head... does it make sense? Do some changes need to be made? 

Contact us for support in picking your in2mate lingerie and loungewear.. 

BUY NOW ... make those small steps today and see the difference!

Back with VLOG soon inshaAllah. 

In2mate Nights 

PS.. HUSBANDS.. there will be some advice for you too... effort is made on both sides! 


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