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Fight for your love!

Stuck in a passionless rut? Fight for that love! 


Been a while I know.. but seriously this holiday has been SO HECTIC AND BUSY! But given me time to learn more about married life and responsibilities and well .. just a lot lol. 

Today was just finally chilling for a bit with the hubster and asked, "Have we changed?" 
Hubster with his usual grunts and straightforward answer - well we aint 21 anymore! 

So whats different about that? Trying to think back to when we were just newly weds - no kids - no mortgage! I really thought after few years we going to just become 'boring couple'.. the ones that just message in the day to ask "You eaten?" 
"I've just left work" and the everyday convo just being "What do you want to eat?" and then a quiet movie night in silence.. 

Would passion still be there? Well yeah it's a human need so course... 
But real Intimacy and passion? That's what I am talking about! 

When we were newly weds one thing I can say for defo is the arguments and fights were always there! Why?

You are just getting used to being with someone else - putting someone else's priorities and needs first  - trying to take on new responsibilities and it is not easy! In some ways you fight and argue and the making up is always fun ;) 

But what about when its years down the line now.. you understand each other; you have fit into life and it's routines and you both know every detail of each others lives - no new past stories to share?! How do you FIGHT to keep that crazy passion going?

You know what, till today my husband will say to me, "Why you quiet?" when we're just on a drive down anywhere.. or when we're eating.. (It's very RARE that I am quiet LOL!) 

Truth is.. the passion and intimacy will only continue if you SHARE your thoughts your silly ideas your ALL with your loved one!

There's a reason why I need to switch off from my social media / emails / work and all of that to really have my time with the one I love. And what on earth do I chat about? 
Well when you're yapping away on your FB messenger or watsapp to your friends - what are you chatting about? 
Whatever it is in your day you did - whatever thoughts went through your head - whatever past story you thought of - SHARE SHARE SHARE.. But share with HIM! 

Even if it is a silly story you've told your husband few months ago - repeating it again because you remembered it today will not bore him! Men (generally) don't talk - they want to hear YOU! 

Make the convo - keep him entertained - keep his focus on YOU - and only then will his heart really always be yours! Maybe that's what makes a man miss his wife more - without having her voice around - her giggles and watching her eyes gleam with happiness when she retells that crazy story (for the 3rd time now) about when she crashed into her old neighbour when she first learnt to ride that bike  - all these things are UNIQUE to YOU and only YOU! 

So when he's out in his daily travels- with those images of half naked women - sexualised images everywhere - I mean come on, even coffee is advertised in a sexual way now! All these things won't mean a single thing to him - because when he is with you, no matter how many years down the line it's been.. NOTHING can compare to YOU! 

So my lovely ladies.. when you're thinking it's been 10 years now.. we're parents of 3 kids (or more Alhamdulillah!) never ever think that passion is gone! 

Remember - treasure your loved one -
And he created you in pairs! 

Hope this made you smile at least for now! 

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