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Flame is still burning!

The Flame is still burning.. after so many years!  (Alhamdulillah)

Had a lovely catch up over the weekend with my friends. Whilst talking away about all my blogs, the topic of in2macy crops up (as always LOL) 

I was in FITS when one of my closest friends, who has been married for years says "Too old for this now though, my hubby won't notice if I wore this stuff!" 

We LITERALLY turned our heads and another friend blurt out with... "Your Husband would need his eyes testing" ... amongst other things too! ;)  

In our crazy group of friends, we come from all walks of life! Newly married, the married with kids, the married with no kids yet, the re-married and the engaged! (How on earth did we get through it all?!) 

so back to topic... This crazy friend who really thought some lingerie would have no effect on her husband, just because they have been married for years... We still began prodding and annoying (as you do obviously) 

"So do you think if a half naked woman walked past him he wouldn't look back, or think OMG I need to lower my gaze?" 

"You're stunning but an extra touch isn't gonna make a difference? Like seriously?" 

OK Jokes aside, my dear friend did get thinking. She thought ok fine, hook me up! So I did! 

Last night.. got a text saying... Flame is still burning! :) 
(Yes that SO made my day!) 

Point is guys... In2macy isn't just for the newly weds in their honeymoon period, marriage is a lifetime contract, where love, compassion and romance continues everyday. 

Your husband would only just appreciate the sexy gesture of lingerie more especially when he is constantly surrounded with those images.... and yes the treat works both ways! 

So don't look away and think this is way past for us now, Alhamdulillah you have been blessed with your eternal partner... now SPOIL THEM cos believe me... that FLAME IS STILL BURNING! 

:)  Enjoy! 

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