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#goals #2018 #first blog of 2018!

#goals #2018 


Yes first blog of 2018.. been a while and the question WHERE YOU BEEN? has been asked so many time in the christmas holiday season!

Alhamdulillah for family and friends who have kept me happily busy with lots of get togethers, catch ups and just good quality family spending time (as well as of course with the hubster!) 

2018 now and I think the first 2 days Social Media was just CRAMMED with everyone's New Year NEW ME topics and 'resolutions'. Literally the #goals #2018 #resolution was EVERYWHERE! 

Now I'm not one to do new year 'resolutions' as realistically speaking and from my own experience... it just doesn't work for me. But being a reflective person, I thought of few things I'd probably like to change or do more / less in my daily life..  things that may make my life happier! 

So as to share.. as truly thinking about it.. these are probably things that could help you in your life and ultimately YOUR MARRIAGE (InshaAllah!) 

1. Less time on Social Media 
 Why the need for this? 

I realised how much time I often wasted just going through pictures.. instagram posts.. FB updated statuses etc etc. 
And then at the end of the night I'd say "How the time just went today I didn't even get this done!" 

As well as time I realised how sometimes negativity was created from looking at pictures / posts. Often commenting oh I don't like that look etc etc Leading to talk that should be avoided! 

Finally.. does EVERYTHING need to be posted on there? Stopped this a while ago.. but 'date nights' usually involve taking a pic of every second! the #ootd pic even before the husband has lays eyes on you! the starter.. main.. dessert even the damn chandelier that's so pretty it just HAS to be snapped! 
Was there a point to the date night then? 
ALHAMDULILLAH this did stop few months ago when we made the phones on date nights and family dinners! But will inshaAllah aim to continue! 

2. Enjoy a daily / weekly goal together 

Now this can be any kind of goal you want. For me, I've decided on the goal to be more active! My car became my life lol. Instead of walking to shops I would drive. I realised my husband made the same complain.. so join forces and decided to go on daily walks (when possible) together. Phones left at home! 
A nice walk together getting fit and healthy and simply enjoying each others company! 

Maybe in few months I'll change it to reading more - will suggest to the hubster 
; ) 

3. Thank You 

Saying those two simple words more often! I think with the miserable weather and routine of work and everything the 'moany cow syndrome' hit me! 
So stepping back and just appreciating what people do for me and just saying Thank you makes a huge difference. 
Starting with my own kids.. if they do complete a chore or doing something without being asked to.. a simple thank you goes a long way! 

And of course for the hubster (Who should be smiling when reading this now!) Not just assuming that he needs to do that chore or help with childcare etc because it's his responsibility but actually sending a "thank you" text after the morning rush.. or even better to his face when you're both home... Why not give it a go and see if it makes a difference in your life too? 


3 is plenty enough now..and as time progresses there's always room for improvement. Like they say, marriage is hard work that needs time and effort for it to blossom and maintain it's beauty! 
(they = ME!) 

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Hope you've enjoyed the first 2018 Blog and like our 2018 goals.


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