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Holiday Essentials... The things you NEED!

Honeymooners and Holiday makers... Get these packed!

Summer season is upon us and we all know that calls for 2 things... 
HONEYMOON -for our newly weds!.. a well deserved break after all the wedding shenanigans!

HOLIDAY GETAWAY - for all our married couples who finally get that well deserved break!

You stress and pack meticulously - making sure all those 'matched outfits' toiletries and shoes are done to a TEE.. but what comes when suns down and that all important intimate moments really count? 

Do not despair.. In2mate Nights has it ALL sorted for you! Our top 5 MUST HAVES for lingerie and accessories for each night! (& WE tell you WHY you need them & how you can to make the most of those intimate moments for the holiday away! )

Night 1 - The most anticipated! 

You have reached your destination and although you may think the jetlag and unpacking stress will get you tired... believe me .. it will not! This anticipated night of finally having the time away from home will mean all the energy! 
So we recommend this VERY teasing Handcuff me Teddy! 
Yes he will want you EAGERLY so do not play TOO hard to get - the elasticated cuffs add a touch of tease and the lace detail will leave him craving more. Available in 3 colours. 
Accesories - After Depilation Gel! That manic rush of waxing / shaving .. can leave it all sore; Use this gel to really get it smooth and perfect for that anticipated night! 

Night 2 - Tiredness kicking in 
We are human after all! And night 2 after the settling in phase of holiday mode - you need a bit of 'calm chill time' - but you WANT to make the most of these 'away nights!'. So a perfect number is this subtle pink cute - lace cup babydoll. The colours are so calming yet romantic and the open cut allows a closeness and sensual mood. 
Accessories - Yes ladies; tiredness kicks in and this sensual super glide lubricant is much needed. He will appreciate you getting this one! 
Night 3 - Reigniting that FIRE! 
After that 'chill night' you want to make sure that fire is still there to keep that honeymoon/holiday romance going strong! 
This Metallic Gold lace cup babydoll really screams saucy luxury! The beautiful detailing on the gold cups matched with the g string would really get his attention. 
Accessories - Massage candle! Set the mood with the candle; allowing the scent to tease your senses. Once the wax is soft use it to pour and massage; this relaxes and eases away some tired muscles.. getting you the result you want! Available in 3 fragrances. Worried about wax? Why not get thearabesque massage oils?  Tease those sensations!
Night 4 - Bring back the fun! 
You know it's coming nearer to the end so it's time to up the heartbeat tempo! 
Peek a Boo cup chemise with that innocently teasing lilac colour ; yet bold feature of black lace cups with the slits! Match it up with some more teasingly beautiful bejewelled g strings. 
Accessories - Why not think about something for HER! Let him take control and test your sensations.. you both may have a pleasant surprise! Or try the warming gel! 
Night 5 - It's playtime! 
You probably will stay awake all night; and plan to sleep on the plane! Make the most of this night! 
Costumes and Role play games are the most exciting way to go! Become somebody else.. We love this harem slave costume; very Arabian style glam with a teasing neck collar to really let him take charge. Or try a range of other costumes to suit YOUR character! 
Accessories: the most MUST HAVE item demanded by our customers to stock again and again!  The SUPER DELAY SPRAY! Much needed after this week of fun.. Use at beginning of your role play game and let your fantasies take you to a whole new world of intimacy! 
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Mix and match your lingerie with some beautiful eye catching Bejewelled G strings. 
Why not then change into these teasing bra sets - we love the work on the back of these panties; change and sleep in those and awake to please him more! Available in 4 colours. 
10% of your order goes to HUMAN APPEAL. Supporting orphans, widows and families in need all around the world. Jazakhallahu Khairun!

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