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Post Valentines Thoughts..

Goodbye Valentines day... Finally!

Valentines day came and went and 'typically' as a lingerie website. we should have had 'valentines sales'? 
Well I have already done my two piece on valentines on last years blog so I won't go into that again. 

But as usual.. me and my thoughts.. and as I was scrolling through instagram and facebook on that Valentines day night.. some scary thoughts popped in my head which I regret thinking now!

Images of women getting bunches of roses, carefully planned out day with lots of fun activities and ending with that all important date night meal. 
Now I didn't put my 'haraam police hat' on here, I'm not judging and really think each to their own.. but what shocked me was I actually felt a little 'left out'.. why couldn't I get a bit spoilt with roses? Why didn't we go out? 
I spent a moment just looking at my husband and ready to say and show those images and say "Those roses are nice innit" .. maybe he'll get a hint. 

Alhamdulillah.. that thought quickly went away as I looked around, looked at my kids, looked at our home.. He's given me that support and love continuously.. and yes He does spoil me.. So why am I letting that one 'made up day' became the start of what would have been a petty argument. 

I wondered if there were other women out there who had that sudden thought and felt a little relief when the day was over and the social media images of roses, candlelit dinners and gifts finally cleared. 

It reminded me of my own words that I share with my lovely married couples.. things I spoke about in my very first e-book.. how in2macy goes beyond just overly lavish moments of spoiling.. it's the everyday connection and efforts we make that matters. 

Finally it made me worry again about what my hubster sees.. although he avoids social media like the plague! It's not unavoidable. Beautiful social media influencers who really went all out to look extra glam for their loved one on valentines but of course plastered numerous angles of their obligatory '#ootd' (outfit of the day) .. would he also think "Why can't my wife dress up and glam up like this today?" After all, these similar thoughts came in my mind too? 

Glad he didn't say that otherwise that argument defo would have been there lol. 

But finally.. valentines over.. no arguments or complaints.. and to be honest, felt more grateful than ever for what I have.

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Till next time,

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