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THE First Night!

The time has come.. 

Following on from before, what you should have done by now is had the TALK! 
InshaAllah you have come to a point of understanding the expectations, fears and wants from each other and should now be feeling a little more in the 'know'! 

Now like I said, the FIRST night does not have to be the day of the wedding. So here I am talking about that FIRST night of consummating your marriage; 

If you did not have the chance to TALK well you can use your first night of marriage to talk about when you finally come together & what you are thinking about etc. 

The First Night will be full of some nerves as well as the excitement of being with the one you love. 
Remember you won't suddenly have him jump on you (or vice versa!) as soon as you shut the door! 

Think about importance of building that foundation of love, trust and that comfortable intimate scene. 

1. Laughter is the best medicine for nerves! Talk and make jokes about yourself; seeing your silly side will bring her more comfort to be herself too! USE THE LINGERIE GIFT HERE to really break that ice! 

2. Intimate foreplay; (using tips from the E-Book here!) Think about slow and communicating throughout, asking if she is ok will show you are caring and thinking about her needs.

3. Wait until the moment is just right! DO NOT rush into anything until you know she is happy. Even a simple "U ok?" will go a long way in building that strong bond. 

4. You both have the best understanding together; understand what she wants and listen to what she says! Communication throughout is key! 

1. Spend time to talk and listen to him too. He is not going to jump on you straight away! DO not fear and allow yourself to leat your guards down; the only way to let him be himself is by showing you are comfortable and happy. 

2. Intimate foreplay: USE YOUR LINGERIE here ladies! Try and remind yourself he is a MAN! His weakness is women and all his life he has learned to lower his gaze and see women for their intellect; now he finally has you! Use the tips in our E-BOOK to help you go through what foreplay you could do. Communicate throughout to say what you are OK with and not. He will listen! 

3. Everyone is different; every couple will behave differently; so take your time and understand each other to make sure you are both happy and pleased. 

4. You do not have to be a 'certain type'. DO not be afraid to show him what you want too. Just because you are a new bride does not mean you have to behave shy! You have your personality so let that shine! 

FINALLY... No you do not need to take everything off.. something a lot of women worry about! Keep the lingerie on for as long as you want! (Which is why it is important to have the right outfit!) 

I have not broken it down to couples who know each other, completely arranged etc because when it comes to the First Night; your personality and YOU will shine through! 

We have given you some tips; keeping in mind the importance of hayat and modesty when discussing such intimate issues.
For any questions where you may want some more info please do contact us at 

LOTS of you asked WHAT DO I WEAR?!
So below you will find some lingerie we think would suit according to your PERSONALITY! 

When it comes down to the business; it doesn't matter how long you have known each other, it is your personality and what you really want that will come through! 

When it comes down to the business; it doesn't matter how long you have known each other, it is your personality and what you really want that will come through! 

Happy Shopping! 

PS. First time shoppers use IN2NYT15 for 15% off! 

Stay tuned.. To know what happens AFTER! 


The Shy Bride

If you are slightly nervous about your husband seeing you fully for the first time.
Wanting to stay as covered for longer period? 
Go for: 
- babydolls with frill front so it's not fitted
- robes allow great coverage
3 piece wine set
With Babydoll too! 
Embroidered bow tie babydoll
In 3 colours! 

The Flirty One

If you like to tease a little but still a little full of nerves about being revealing then go for:
- Lace is a great way to have coverage yet tease
- Robes are still fantastic as they make great foreplay time!

Lace and Mesh Chemise

Also loved by cheeseandxalwo

Lace and Frills
In 3 colours.

Also loved by 
Tempting Temptress
Know what you want and will make him work for it?
- Costumes for role play (makes the best foreplay!) 60% off now!
- Teddies with lace and lots to reveal


Handcuff me Teddy

Says it all! 

Peek a boo cup chemise


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