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The Morning After..

The morning after that First Night... 

Back again with some more advice for all your newly weds and weds to be... 

Something people do worry about; the morning after.. What do we do? What's expected? 

Yes girls worry, Oh No he's going to see my morning face, my messed up hair and did he hear me snore? 

Strangely enough the most beautiful memory he will have of you is the moment he opens his eyes and has you near him. The first thing he sees when he wakes up! No matter how much of a mess you think your hair is (or face is!) he will love you! 

You see girls; men like your natural beauty. As tempted as you may feel to jump up way earlier than he does and 'fix up the face' my advice would be not to. 

After having the most intimate time possible from your first night, your husband wants to know you have let all barriers down. You are free and comfortable to be who you are with him. 

Remember to begin your morning giving salaam to each other; staying close and giving comfort will always keep those intimate memories to last throughout the day! 

It's important to remember not to just keep those moments for the 'morning'. What happens straight after? 

The following advice about what to do and expect straight after comes from the E-Book but a great reminder for Him and Her on how to really make not just the morning after, but every AFTER really intimate! 

It is recommended to stay close together after sexual relations. If a man leaves his wife straight away after sexual in2macy it shows disregard for her feelings. Sex is not a desire that once filled is just over. “And we created you in pairs” 

Showing your spouse affection after sex gives each other security and shows the true love of marriage.

For Him
• Psychologically men need that control and feeling of masculinity. A subtle sensual sigh shows your complete satisfaction with his sexual actions. • Communication – telling him how that felt by whispering in his ears • Soft kisses to show affection still continues

For Her
• Holding her close shows your in2macy continues

• Whispering sweet words of love

• Stroking her hair and face gently reassuring her you’re satisfied.

Love, Romance and Intimacy continues after physical intimacy and beyond the bedroom.

May Allah shower your marriage with eternal happiness. Ameen.

We hope you enjoyed the series of blogs on the FIRST NIGHT. 

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