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Where's the LOVE?

Apologies we have been VERY busy. A lot of upcoming promotions and things being organised behind the scene!
Lot of love from jasmina_mua, juliealimakeupartist, mona_munshi and!

Be sure to check them on Instagram! (As well as us obviously @in2mate.nights)

But the BIGGEST setback in sending any emails or writing blogs lately has been the LACK of the LOVE!

I started this business with the support form my husband, not any major financial backing and all this being COMPLETELY new for me. But I am SO passionate about it!

Im not a businesswoman, I haven't got years of business knowledge, all I want to do is make my customers happy!

Now every business makes its mistakes, and I KNOW I ain't no expert so I reached out for HELP on social media / forums etc.

What did I get? Just 'digs' and 'blatant rude remarks'. I didn't expect (and didnt just want) positive happy lovey comments.. I wanted constructive feedback, things to improve on!

But come on, getting comments about ME, MY CHARACTER, MY LIFE and complete LACK OF ANY UNDERSTANDING of how HARD I have worked on this and continuously am!

As hard as I tried for it not to, it did get to me. At times I felt like just forget In2mate Nights.

You know what made it worse, those comments blatantly made to put my confidence down was made by none other than my own Muslim community. Instead of Muslims supporting a fellow Muslim in their quest of business success, the envy & pride just got in their way!

But seriously, Thanks guys... really I thank those from the bottom of my heart!
Cos it made me realise how much I WANT THIS! and I will strive to make it work!

Your plans to try and kill any confidence I had failed! Such a shame people just can't be happy for others!

What else did it get me thinking? Are these the kind of crap that makes other women feel powerless to begin their own business or do what they love... break the boundaries?!

All I want is to give women the CONFIDENCE and LOVE we need to be BEAUTIFUL! Something that these half naked women everywhere kills in us everyday.

I am blessed to have SO many people that have given me so much support.
Thank you to everyone that signed up, shopped till you dropped LOL and just been amazing with your constructive feedback!

Everyone has loved the lingerie and can't believe such High quality lingerie is this price!

I am working DOUBLE hard to Give YOU what you WANT!

I am making my FIRST EVER face to face meet at a Sisters Event - Selling our Luxury Lingerie whilst raising money for charity!

So get yourself down there on April 8th at London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel!!! Super Excited!


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