About me, Tahmina.


I am Tahmina, Founder of In2mate Nights. 

I have been married for over 7 years now Alhamdulillah and have been blessed with 2 girls. 

Through my years of marriage I have experienced living with my in laws, as well as then managing to work full time as a Primary School Teacher and moving into our own humble abode. 

Alhamdulillah I have a loving husband, parents and super blessed with loving in laws too. My experience of understanding just the psychology of marriage and families comes from my Psychology background and also just the observation and personal advice I have given to my own family and friends. 

Being an approachable person who does not shy away from these important topics I am always willing to help you with a personal 1:1 service via email. Although not a scholar or with a professional qualification in the field; I am able to ask close friends who are in that field advice when need be. Therefore giving you all these services all in ONE.. through In2mate Nights. 

So please do not be shy, and ask us for support on marital intimacy, marriage advice and support on choosing the perfect lingerie for your In2mate Nights. 


In2mate Nights