About Us

In2mate Nights brings you a halal lingerie website where you and your partner can choose a wide range of lingerie and accessories without compromising your faith.

In the modern society where images of women are portrayed all around us in ways that affect our faith, In2mate Nights brings you a modest way to shop for your in2mate needs.

All products are advertised in a modest way, showing only the product, allowing you to feel comfortable with the product and finally making you feel comfortable and special when you wear it.

We have taken our customer’s views and comments about what they want to see and have worked hard to deliver you the best to make sure your in2mate nights are truly perfect.

The story

In2mate Nights began when I began talking with many newly married friends about married life. One of the many issues faced was the difficulties with in2mate issues. The underlying cause being that women often felt they weren’t the perfect shape as advertised on TV lingerie ads– although they all knew their husbands were never dissatisfied!

This lead to thinking back to my own experiences of shopping for lingerie and those same feelings that I had; the uncomfortable feeling of trying to buy a babydoll advertised on a voluptuous woman, the dreaded thought ‘Am I really going to pull this off like her?’ And finally, wishing I could ask his opinion on this teddy!

 So, In2mate Nights began! After months of hard work, patience and a lot of dedication, a halal website was created to allow women to buy those in2mate wears without feeling awkward. A place where husbands can buy those special gifts without any fitna. A place where both husband and wife can share the lingerie shopping experience together.

We are very excited to bring this to the Muslim Community and hope it will be something to help blossom every marriage because we know, Love, Romance and In2macy are the essence of a marriage!


In2mate Nights

And we created you in pairs.